Energy Saving Light

1. The energy saving light can last 3 years (press to use 6 hours calculation every day). The normal service life can amount to 8,000 hours.
2. It has a patent surface and special anti-rust lamp-head design.
3. It enhances the resolving power of the color by using the pure tricolor rare-earth fluorescent powder. The natural light will be beneficial to your eyes.
4. The energy saving light offers high luminescent efficiency. Its efficiency is five times higher than other incandescent lamps.
5. It starts immediately without flicker.
6. The work pressure is 150V-250V.
7. The energy saving light uses reproducible material to protect the environment.
8. The energy saving light has a WEMINE HF electronic ballast inside. It offers an instant start and low temperature rise, resulting in a flicker-free and noiseless working environment.
9. The wide voltage range circuit withstands frequent voltage fluctuation and the plastic dip coating process makes the compact fluorescent lamp suitable for use in moist environments
10. The energy saving light uses 80% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, with a long life of approximately 8,000 hours.

As a professional compact fluorescent lamp manufacturer based in China, we also offer high power LED lighting, efficient fluorescent light, LED ceiling lamp, grille lamp, LED rope light and LED strip light.

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