T5 Fluorescent Light WLT507

T5 Fluorescent Light

1. The energy saving fluorescent light is made with the best tri-color powder and the electronic parts.
2. It is delicate and has a static powder painted finish. It is standard size and easy to install.
3. It has a power factor up to 0.95; there is no flash and no noise.
4. The fluorescent light saves 22% more energy as compared with a batten light.
5. It has a fire resistance plastic lamp base, good resistance to high temperature, and qualified pressure.

CE, EMC, GS, UL, FCC, ROHS approved.

The T5 fluorescent light can be used in show rooms, background area, supermarkets, decorative, advertisements, homes, etc.

Technical Parameters of the T5 Fluorescent Light WLT507

Item No. Wattage Color Temperature Lamp Length L(mm) Lamp Width W(mm) Lamp Height H(mm)
WLT507 2X14W white 600 68 58
WLT507 2X14W red 600 68 58
WLT507 2X14W blue 600 68 58
WLT507 2X14W yellow 600 68 58
WLT507 2X14W green 600 68 58
WLT507 2X14W day light 600 68 58
WLT507 2X28W white 1200 68 58
WLT507 2X28W red 1200 68 58
WLT507 2X28W blue 1200 68 58
WLT507 2X28W yellow 1200 68 58
WLT507 2X28W green 1200 68 58
WLT507 2X28W day light 1200 68 58

Terms of trade
1. Minimum order quantity: energy saving light: 10000PCS/type; fluorescent light: 3000PCS/type, LED light: 1000 sets/type; LED ceiling lamp: 1000 sets/type.
2. Delivery time: within 20-30 days upon receipt of your deposit.
3. Port of loading: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo port.
4. Terms of payment: T/T, L/C at sight.
5. Export: USA, UK, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and so on.

As a China-based T5 fluorescent light manufacturer, Wemine also provides T2 energy saving light, high power LED lighting, LED ceiling lamp, grille lamp, T5 energy saving lamp, etc.

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