1. LED Bulb Rope Light XD-2W-6The LED bulb rope light can be used as mood lighting for municipal roadways, streets, bridges, housing projects, public parks, etc. It is ideal for use as path and contour marking. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. The LED bulb rope light can be used for window display lighting, advertising signs and light boxes and architectural decorative lighting.
    1. LED Rope Lights XD-2W-9 The LED bulb rope lights are flexible and durable. It can be bent into any shape.
      It is made with high quality anti-aging PVC material.
      The LED rope lights can be cut off (where marked) and connected to suited accessories.
      The LED rope lights are CE, EMC, GS, UL, FCC, ROHS approved.
    1. LED Rope Light XD-2W-13It can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration.
      The LED rope light is CE, EMC, GS, UL, FCC, ROHS approved.
      It is a solid tube with 36 bulbs per meter, 16.4Watts per meter. It is available in Clear, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink and Multi-color.

LED Rope Light (Rice Bulb)

As a professional LED rope light manufacturer based in China, we provide a comprehensive range of lighting products, including T5 fluorescent light, LED ceiling lamp, high power LED lighting, grille lamp, T2 energy saving light, and more.

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